Waar in my wereld is jy?

              ‘Waar in my wereld is jy?’ is the Afrikaans version of Teardrops that won Eurovision 2013 for Denmark. Colé decided to sing the song in Danish and Afrikaans as a surprize for the Danish and Eurovision audience, after she was invited and booked […]

The Human Rights song

                  The Human Rights song was written by Colé van dais to share and educate the community about our 30 human rights, and inspire respect, consideration and compassion for one another. The Human Rights song Singer: Colé van dais songwriter: Colé van […]

Tears with champagne

              Tears with champagne is a sad yet refreshing love song, about a couple who broke up but then see each other again. They feel happy to see each other, but sad about their breakup,  yet appreciate the moments shared together.  Tears with champagne […]