Colé van dais is a South African singer based in Johannesburg North, South Africa. Originally from Amanzimtoti, Cole was a very shy child and her mother, who is blind, was concerned when Cole’s school report indicated that she had not spoken t–o anyone for an entire year. Her mother, who has the radio on all day and loves music, inspired Cole to sing to help build up her confidence, and it wasn’t until Cole was 14 years of age that she sang on stage for the first time. She  entered a singing competition to support her very talented childhood friend who encouraged and coached Cole to perform. To her own surprise, Cole got through to the final round of the competition but she didn’t have another song to sing as she never expected or prepared to get to the next round. But her supportive friend, Antoinette Ridge, quickly came to the rescue and in the 15 minute break taught Cole the song that she was going to sing. Cole sang with all her heart and a love for the stage she didn’t know she could ever have emerged from that moment when she for the first time felt really connected and able to communicate passionately, and that was with her audience. Cole not only won the singing competition, but she won the treasure of confidence and a wonderful opportunity to connect, travel, learn, experience and live a life of adventure and self discovery. 

She toured around SA, Namibia, Swaziland, England, Isle of Skye, The Mediterranean Islands and Seychelles singing at corporate functions, music festivals, venues, parties and events; singing popular oldies to current cover songs, performing tribute shows both solo as well as musical theatre productions, performed Eurovision song contest cover songs in a diversity of languages including at Eurovision song contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as developing her own original musical style which is a mixture of of indie pop/rock and theatrical/ jazz. 

With 1000’s of performances done, Cole has traveled, entertained and explored, reached out, shared, and experienced, the world of music business, glitz and glam, as well as struggle and hardships. She contributes her successful career so far to her focus on being dedicated to serving the human spirit by uplifting people through music. She agrees that she has not put enough focus on PR and being famous but now realises the value this asset can add in order for her to impact people on a larger scale, especially with her new spiritual and mental energy upliftment project, Mind of Life. “With focus, determination, perseverance and support, I believe that I will make a success of this project and that it is the purpose I am living for. There is a reason that I had to go through a long, and sometimes very difficult  journey, without the complete support systems I needed, in order to learn hands on about life’s struggles and how to become mentally strong for myself and those around me. I have come to the conclusion that nobody can feel completely happy without love and support and that is what I want to inspire people to share with one another.”

“I have been blessed with a life of richness of experiences and learning on the job. There has been so many people who contributed to my learning experience and I am so grateful for that.”

With great compassion for people and gratitude mission to entertain, inspire, and positively influence her audience Cole takes them on an emotional journey through music, from sadness to happiness and joy, to the point where they feel they are part of the show and want to participate, leaving them feeling exhilarated and wanting more!

With her beautiful, easily recognisable unique voice, Colé sings a selection of original and cover songs for any audience young or old in a variety of genres including pop, rock, jazz, dance, and adult contemporary in English or Afrikaans, depending on the audience. On her latest Duet album – a compilation of duets with local and international artists – she ads some lyrics in different languages like Latvian, Yoruba, Thai, Tsonga, Spanish and Danish. She recently won an award from ESC Covers for Best International Collaboration with the duet song, Molayo (I have joy) with Gbenga Adenuga. Colé’s singles & albums are available at all major digital stores distributed independently through her management company, Colé Music.

Highlights of her career include performing at The Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014 as the first South African artist to be officially booked to perform at this prestigious event that is hosted by a different European country each year. She acted and performed solo, duo or as lead role in musical theatre productions touring UK, Scotland, The Isle of Skye and The Mediteranian Islands; presented her own health talk show on SKY TV from London with over 1 million viewers, and acted as Prince Harry’s girlfriend in his ITV documentary.

With her stunning voice and vibrant personality, this professional well experienced artist knows how to keep her audience captivated! With a powerful passionate performance complimented by stylish outfits, Colé is sure to be an asset to any successful event!