Colé van dais is a well known indie singer/songwriter from South Africa, who has toured internationally singing her self penned songs, collaborations and some covers, at smal to larger events including being guest artist at Eurovision song contest 2014 (Copenhagen, Denmark) with ESC winners from 39 participating countries, singing at the 35th Anniversary of Seychelles (2011), major corporates and festivals locally and internationally and playing lead roles in musical theater productions touring UK and the Mediterranean Islands. She has performed at 1000’s of festivals, theaters, schools government functions (including Chris Hani Tribute concert and celebrating 20 years of Democracy in South Africa, 2014), corporate and community events. She was TV show host of ‘Mind body Spirit’ (SKY TV, London, 2005/6) and presented the Eurovision 2nd chance contest, viewed in 26 countries (2012). Colé also played the role of Prince Harry’s girlfriend in his ITV documentary, ‘Prince Harry Laid Bare’ (2004) and was body double to the stars in many silver screen films.

Her songs play on local, international and online stations and as an indie artist releases her albums online Under her label, Cole Music, available on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Rhapsody, Spotify….etc. She sings different genres including jazz, pop/rock, indie, world music and some EDM tracks.

A vibrant performer with a versatile, unique sounding powerful, and somewhat quirky voice, she expresses the emotion in a song fearlessly. “Singing makes me feel alive and free!”

With years of experience performing originals and cover songs, solo or as lead in bands and international musical productions, such as “Grease”, “Cinderella” and tribute shows, Colé has still has the same unfailing enthusiasm and passion to take her dream to the next level – always creating and sharing new work, and exited about new possibilities and opportunities to gain recognition for her work, as to increase her influence power, especially to positively inspire the youth.

Her mission is to entertain, educate, inspire and positively influence people through music. She has a way with people that inspires peace and unity and her passion is to contribute to peace, love and education through music. “I believe that music  brings people together  from different backgrounds and cultures and makes us realize we are all human beings. I’m passionate about learning and teaching, to help us understand each other and care more, in order to foster a more peaceful and co-operative world.”

As ambassador for Projects for Peace, Colé is passionate about social responsibility and community service, and as the ambassador for Projects4Peace, she utilizes her skills and experience as singer, public speaker and business woman to initiate positive change in the community. “I believe in positivity! Having compassion for our fellow beings, and sharing love and light. “

She is a Human Rights and Animal Rights activist, strict vegan since 1993 and believes in a strict spiritual practice of discipline and developing virtue. “If you can make the effort and changes necessary to show respect for your body and gratitude for your health, by eating a healthy diet, doing yoga, and developing virtue through education, dedication and discipline, only then are you a person who truly cares.

“Music connects us and uplifts me spiritually to another dimension that I get so excited about and just want to share with as many people as possible. I reach out to my fans and ask for your support in this journey of creating, sharing and discovering. I hope you will enjoy it all as much as I do” – Love & Light x