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New Super-fan portal will show fans how to effectively support Colé and boost her career   Welcome to Cole van dais Super Fans Portal! If you are here then you are special and important to Cole van dais because you have made the effort to show your genuine support and […]

Spirit of the night

              Spirit of the night, written by the famous composer, Ralph Siegel, is performed in Russian and English as a duet by Colé van dais ft. Sergey Sisuev.  Spirit of the night Singers: Colé van dais ft. Sergey Sisuev Lyrics: Juta Staudenmayer, Steve Barnacle […]

Dinge dong

            Dinge Dong (duet version) Dinge Dong is collaboration between Colé van dais (South Africa) and Jorens Steinhauer (Latvia Eurovision winner 2013) in Afrikaans and Latvian. It is an old Eurovision song from the Netherlands that has been remake as part of the ESC covers […]