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New Super-fan portal will show fans how to effectively support Colé and boost her career Welcome to Cole van dais Super Fans Portal! If you […]

Heartless (the anti-rhino poaching song) based on a horrific real life experience

Horrific rhino poaching incident My partner and I visited his farm in Limpopo one weekend without letting anyone know as we wanted to investigate since […]

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To order hard copies of Albums currently available: email: R250 per CD includes postage within South Africa via Postnet2Postnet  

Colé & friends International collaboration album

Colé and her mates sing Eurovision tunes. South African singer Colé Van Dais has been featured at Eurocovers before as she created several interesting coverversions […]

Colé van dais & Katrina Leskanich (X Katrina & the Waves) shine a light together

Katrina Leskanich (Katrina & The Waves) and Colé van dais release unique version of  ‘Love Shine A Light’ article by Ian Fowell (ESCcovers UK) In […]