The James Bond Golden Hits tribute Album is a collector’s item of a selection of the best songs from the James Bond films throughout the years, covered by Colé van dais. The idea of an album was born after Colé had acted as a Bond girl at the Science Muzeum in London, and she did her first performance of the show at Pizza on the park, a popular intimate venue in Hyde Park, London. 

The James Bond Golden Hits tribute

  1. For your eyes only
  2. Moonraker
  3. All time high
  4. Nobody does it better
  5. Bond medley: Die another day, A view to a kill, The living daylights
  6. The man with the Golden gun
  7. You only live twice
  8. Diamonds are forever
  9. Gold finger
  10. Golden eye
  11. License to kill
  12. Tomorrow never dies
  13. The world is not enough 

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