This adventurous collaboration duet album features ESC songs with Eurovision song contest winners and other artist around the world in different languages including Spanish, Russian, Latvian, Zulu, Thai, Tsonga, and Yoruba with the base languages being Afrikaans and English. The album took 4 years to complete collaborations with artist in different countries around the world.

Colé & friends

 1. Love shine a light (Colé van dais ft. Katrina Leskanich)

 2. Kom saam met my (Colé van dais ft. Righardt Greyling)

 3. Spirit of the night (Colé van dais ft. Sergey Sysuev)

 4. Op die dansvloer (Colé van dais ft. Lia Chabane)

 5. Dear friend (Colé van dais ft. Organ Prawang)

 6. One gift of love (Colé van dais ft. Keith McFarlaine)

 7. City lights (Colé van dais ft. Wendy Oldfield and Sisiana Kubheka)

 8. Molayo (Colé van dais ft. Gbenga Adunega)

 9. Ek’s so lief vir jou (Colé van dais ft. Emmanuel Castis)

10. Dinge dong (Colé van dais ft. de Jorans / Jorens Steinhauers)

11. Peace will come (Colé van dais ft. Marc Rantseli)

12. Ware friend (Colé van dais ft. Yolundy Amanzi van Dyk)

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