The world has changed a lot, but one thing has certainly remained the same. Artists need the support of their fans in order to flourish in their career. In this digital age of music, the effect of word of mouth and referral is still as powerful, and artists need the support of their loyal fans, now more than ever, to show them support on social media, help get their songs played on radio, attend live and livestream events, and spread the word!

Having a presence on social media is vitally important to any artist support their work, motivate them to continue creating and performing, and to inspire brands to invest in the artist in the form of sponsorships to support the artist in their career. This is also beneficial to the brand in terms of marketing, and brands therefore see the value of their investment in terms of the amount of real fans an artist has on social media, and the amount of genuine interaction shown by supporters. It is also important for artists to get their music played on radio, get into the charts, to feature their songs in online playlists (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc), have music videos on TV and make appearances on TV shows, do radio interviews, and feature in magazines and in the media.

There is a special community of fans who make special time to support these activities to market Colé van dais and share her music. They are called ‘Super Fans’!

You can dedicate as much time as you like. Half an hour a week or give time every day to contribute to uplifting and promoting Colé and her cause, Mind of Life Foundation (NPC).

If you would like to be a Super Fan, please apply and sign up! Please add in the subject line – SUPER FAN.

Thank you for your support

Here’s what you can do to start supporting Colé van dais:

  1. Sign up to my newsletter and Like/ subscribe to all social media links
  2. As at least 10 friends (or more) to Like and subscribe to Colé’s social media platforms too.
  3. Be interactive and comment on posts, videos, images. By doing this social media platforms are more likely to expose my content to a wider audience.
  4. Call your local radio stations and ask them to play music by Colé van dais
  5. Make playlists of your favourite music on iTunes and Spotify and include songs by Colé van dais in your playlists, share.
  6. Refer sponsors and companies that may need marketing
  7. Request Colé van dais to play in your city/ area
  8. Attend live shows and events and support online concerts
  9. Encourage your friends and family to donate to support the artist
  10. Buy music by Colé van dais
  11. Ask TV stations to show more content by Colé van dais (music videos, interviews, features, etc.)
  12. Superfans will be given marketing material as requested.                                                  Happy marketing! 

To become a super fans and do more to support independent artist, Colé van dais, please send an email with your contact details, location and suggestions to: