‘Waar in my wereld is jy?’ is the Afrikaans version of Teardrops that won Eurovision 2013 for Denmark. Colé decided to sing the song in Danish and Afrikaans as a surprize for the Danish and Eurovision audience, after she was invited and booked to sing at Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen in 2014 as the first officially booked guest artist from South Africa. She sang for 8 nights with the Eurovision winners from 39 countries, to delegates, press and fans attending the pre-final events and did interviews for TV and radio stations interested in her wide range of ESC songs that she performs in different languages.

Waar in my wereld is jy?

Singer: Colé van dais

Lyrics:  Colé van dais (Afrikaans), (Danish)

Composers:Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, Thomas Stengaard

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Song performed by Colé van dais in 2014 as guest artist at Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, Denmark