New Release: Dinge dong sing-a-long lyric video in Afrikaans & Latvian

2 November 2019

When two artists from different continents collaborate, it can be logistically difficult to complete projects and especially creating a music video. Cole van dais from South Africa and Jorens Steinhauer from Lavia have just released a fun song ”Dinge Dong”, an old ESC favourite from the Netherlands, in Afrikaans and Latvia. The song is performed in a cute playful way with sing-a-long lyrics that is easy to follow on the captivating comic style lyric video. 

Cole and Jorens are excited about the release of the DINGE DONG video with a retro comical vibe. It is a fun happy sing-a-long song ready to take the SA market by storm on local radio stations and we’re hoping the Latvian stations will play it too! The Eurovision song contest 2020 will be hosted in Amsterdam and this song originates from the Netherlands.

Click on the Image to download DINGE DONG:

Colé and Jorens met when they sang at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014. Jorens Steinhauer performed with his band, Aarzemnieki who was  the winner of Latvia Eurovision song contest and participated in the finals of Eurovision song contest in 2014. Cole van dais was a guest artists from South Africa who performed a special selection of Eurovision song contest favourite cover songs throughout the years, in different languages from the original, creating an interesting entertainment variety performance.

The Eurovision song contest is the biggest song contest in Europe and that year included winners from 39 European counties. Cole was officially booked as guest artist for 2014 to perform for the delegates at the trendy VEGA CLUB in Copenhagen, Denmark, to perform for 8 nights as part of a production show which included all the winners of the participating countries.

The plans were finalised by Cole van dais’ tour manager, Roy van der Merwe, who is the founder of the ESC covers initiative, and an integral part of selecting Eurovision songs for South Africa artists to cover. He has been attending Eurovision song contest for the past 25 years as because of his love for ESC songs and the desire to advance the career of South African artists, he has facilitated many famous SA artist in successfully covering Eurovision songs, that have since become hits songs!

Roy suggested that Cole collaborate with some of the Eurovision winners and other selected artists from Europe and SA, and in 2018 Cole finally released the collaboration album, Cole & friends featuring songs in various languages including Afrikaans, English, Russian, Latvian, Zulu, Xhosa, Spanish, and Latvian.

Click on the image to download COLE & FRIENDS on iTunes at:

Colé has been a Eurovision fan since 2010 and enjoyed being part of the OGAE Rest of the world fanclub for which she regularly made good luck video messages to encourage the singers of the song contest. South Africa usually cannot enter the competition as the contest is only for countries who are part of the European Broadcasting Union.

Cole’s presenting talent was once again discovered and she got asked to present the Eurovision Song Contest 2nd chance competition in 2012. The production was viewed  in 26 countries around the world! It was this forward step that got Cole a foot in the door when she applied to sing as guest artist at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark. One of the event organisers happened to be Peter Anderson, whose song, Drama Queen, was covered by Cole as part of her ESC covers repertoire proposal, which featured as “Glans Prinses”on Cole’s album, ”Daai tipe meisie” (named after the number 1 hit song). The collaboration and the opportunity to finally meet and work together in person, was an exciting connection and a wonderful opportunity for Cole to grow her European audience. In 2011 Cole covered ‘That’s what I am’ by Conchita Wurst. Cole’s version was not released officially but a certain amount of albums were made available to certain fans who are ESC cover collectors around the world. “It was great to finally meet Conchita Wurst in person at the Eurovision song contest 2014 and she was very sweet and appreciative when I handed her the gift CD of my version of ‘That’s what I am. I told her how much I value her message in the song and that I believe she is going to win. I was right! In 2014 Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision song contest finals!” (Cole)

Although Cole had covered many Eurovision songs (as well as singing and writing her own completely original songs too in Afrikaans and English), there are many South African artists who have also covered Eurovision songs including Ge Korsten, Bles Bridges, Sisana Khubeka, Wendy Oldfield, Patricia Lewis, to mention a few of the hugely successful artists. . With over 400 Eurovision songs already covered in Afrikaans there is a definite celebration of ESC songs and a connection to Eurovision, especially in the Afrikaans culture.

The ESC Covers project by Roy van der Merwe serves as a great platform for South African artists to get known in European countries and be included in articles on the fan club Publications and websites across the globe. A great plus for SA artists who have been able to cross borders and become more well known amongst Eurovision fans in other countries too. This creates a wider audience reach as the fans are usually also interested in exploring the original work of the artist.

“A love of Eurovision songs, being exited about being part of the whole experience, and years of dedication is essential to be accepted by this unique audience.” As for Colé it was her love of music from around the world that sparked her interest in Eurovision and resulting collaboration projects.

The lyric video was produced by SA singer, Victor Chapman who is a well known entertainer and singer in South Africa.

The song DINGE DONG, and other collaborations by Colé with international and local artists, is available to download on ITunes as part of the complete collaboration album – Colé & friends.