Independent artist, singer, songwriter and performer, Colé van dais, from South Africa, is looking for artist collaboration in different languages from all over the world. After seeing the popularity of one of her songs on YouTube, The Human Rights song, rise organically in the number of views over the past two months, she decided that the song with an important message should be covered in all languages around the world, as to reach more people with the message of compassion, respect and care for one another, as well as education about our 30 basic human rights, which Colé has covered in the song.

Colé was inspired to write The Human Rights song after learning about Human Rights herself, from a friend who studied Scientology, and was very helpful in introducing her and teaching her what he knew. As Colé started focussing more on expanding her knowledge and self development, she admitted that she never knew her equality status, which has put her through some challenging situations in life, including gender violence, physical, emotional and mental abuse. Colé felt very unsure of herself for years, suffered from depression and self blame, struggling to find her place in the world and how she can bring a valuable contribution.

With education, Clinical Hypnotherapy from her mom, and friendship support, Colé decided to take back her life, and made a promise to herself to live her best life every day. She stopped judging herself consistently, and improved her state of mind; no more listening to the outside voices of jealous or negative people, but being assured from within that she is free to make her own choices, be different and just be herself.

Today Colé is a positive minded role model, performing to a wide variety of people, from young to older, of different cultures, ‘sharing love and light through music’ as her purpose slogan. She is excited about The Human Rights song, that has grown so rapidly in views and decided this is a sign from God the message in this song needs to reach the world!

Colé is reaching out to artist and arts organisations to support this charity project for a good cause. If you are an artist and would like to cover this song please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to all social media platforms as well as Colé’s mailing list from her website and, and send an email with your contact details, location and the language you would like to cover the song in to

The education of Human Rights is a very important message to the world. Alll 30 human rights have been covered in this one peaceful song.

Download the backing track for The Human Rights song by clicking here, or create your own, on the terms that no lyrics are to be changed, omitted or lyrics added. Translations of the song are highly encouraged and the purpose of this project.

Please send your songs with or without a video, via to

Thank you in advance to all participants

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