Horrific rhino poaching incident

My partner and I visited his farm in Limpopo one weekend without letting anyone know as we wanted to investigate since 2000 animals were poached in the few months before. To our surprise the police arrived half an hour after our arrival, interrogated my partner for 4 hours in our bedroom, lied on the bed watching TV and asked to use his car for a holiday, before arresting him and keeping him in a cel for the weekend. I took pictures but my camera was taken and the pictures deleted. Not knowing the real reason behind this event, I was informed while outside at the police station (where I stayed anxiously all night), by some bird watchers in the area who had taken pictures of poaching  activities on the farm weeks before and again that evening, about a massive poaching attack with trucks and helicopters involved that night  we were at the police station on the farm. When the doc got out the Sunday we discovered that almost all the rhinos had been poached. It was absolutely horrific to come across the scene of a mother and baby rhino brutally killed for their horns. I was so angry that I wrote this song hoping that it will make a difference, but sadly, it is just making everyone sad about the extinction of our wild animals. We need awareness and appreciation of nature, but these type of crimes are obviously very well organised and a very dangerous cause to stand up for in Africa. I’m not asking for any funds towards a cause any specific organisation, but just want to remind people to show respect and care for our animals, your pets and to one another. 

What a sad story….