I live life with passion and do everything from the centre of love in my heart with truth and light. All beings of goodness and light flourish and enjoy my presence whereas negative energies dissolve in the presence by my spiritual light. I have studied many religions, but identify myself as a Christian, as a sister in the Old Apostolic Church.

I have been working as a Spiritual Guide and Reiki energy practitioner for most of my life and apply prayer and Reiki with my natural gift of sharing positive spiritual energy.
I apply light work in all fields of my life that I have worked in, including currently as an Influencer, Singer, Entertainer and in the past as a Social support worker, Sound therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual guide (Readings, Medical Intuitive, Energy work, Karma clearing support, Cleansing, Spiritual understanding support, transformational affirmations, emotional upliftment), production show vocalist, tribute artist, actress, model (La Femme, Anne Summers, Victoria Secret), voice over artist, TV presenter (Talk show host of ‘Mind body spirit’ – London, SKY TV), nurse’s assistant (La Verna Hospital), Doctor’s assistant, Persona care assistant, Health care consultant (Holland and Barret).

I AM passionate about life, and living my truth as a spiritual being with a mission to share love and light through music, art and entertainment. I love humans, animals and all beings of nature.

I live a conscious lifestyle as a vegan and natural hygienist for over 35 years and believe there is light and love to be shared between humans of all kinds, animals and beings of nature. I communicate with humans and animals on a spiritual level and send out light energy through the practice of Reiki, prayer and light applying my natural gifts of activating healing energy to the aura of animals and human beings. I care about the environment, animals, and the human spirit and enjoy uplifting people through music.

I have formed MIND OF LIFE NPC to support my mission to bring light and love to communities and to offer Spiritual upliftment support services.

I value the gift of opportunity that each day brings. I like to work hard, and am excited about learning, movement, exercise, entertainment, visualisation, music, nature, wildlife conservation, veganism, natural hygienism, positive humans, health and coaching people about how to improve their health physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am creative – songwriting, drawing, painting, clothing designing, conceptualising and materialising events, problem solving, ideas, etc. I believe a smile is the least you can give of yourself and costs nothing. Friendly and understanding, I love connecting with people when I’m performing. I am extremely disciplined, organised and serious about life, truth and responsibility. Only through my own life journey of both painful and wonderful experiences, have I learnt not to judge others, but rather expand my awareness and compassion.

I do my best every day, one task at a time, and thank God for each opportunity to work in the light. I believe in the healing power of music, positive words, affirmations, and that a positive change in mindset can change everything for the better. I have changed my own life in this way, by never giving up and no matter what happens, finding the courage and strength to keep going always looking forward embracing a new day with renewed life energy. This is a continuous mental and spiritual practice and life discipline of devotion to the Highest good.

My best and worst characteristics are both the same: I spend too much time helping others and not on my own projects, career and advancement. I have to try and focus more and ask for help when needed. One step at a time. We all need our friends.

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Colé’s Profile as a singer:
With over 20 years of singing and touring events in South Africa, Namibia, UK, Scotland, The Mediterranean Islands, Seychelles, and The Isle of Skye, Colé enjoyed Island hopping for years and performing to a diverse audience.
She has performed as lead singer/ actress in musical theatre productions in UK and Scotland, performing for wonderful audiences, living an exciting life of adventure, yet she is disciplined and spiritual and promote a lifestyle of natural and conscious living.

“Performing on stage and touring has helped me develop as a person. From being very shy to having the confidence to take on new challenges and express my emotions through song has been both difficult yet exhilarating!”
With determination, perseverance, and her talent, Colé was brave enough to keep on auditioning for very competitive roles that she had set her mind on.
“Once I was able to transform my mindset, I changed myself, I started believing more in myself and I changed my destiny.” Colé eventually got selected to play lead roles in musical theatre productions, shows, and bands in top UK productions.

From cover singer to original songwriter/ composer, Colé shares her thoughts and feelings through music.
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Interesting facts & career hi-lights:
*Won Award for Best International Collaboration Album – SA Indie music awards 2021
*100% vegan and natural hygienist since (since 1987)
*Have toured all over SA & internationally as a singer in musical theatre, at corporate events, festivals, and other events (1994 – 2014).
*Winner of Best International Collaboration song, MOLAYO (Cole van dais & Gbenga Adenuga) in 2015 by Voices for Africa.
*Acted Prince Harry’s girlfriend in ‘Prince Harry Laid bare’ (ITV, UK, 2004)
*TV show host for ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ – SKY TV (London, 2005)
*In 2014 Cole van dais was the first SA artist officially booked as a guest artist to perform at Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. She sang Eurovision songs covered in English, Afrikaans, Danish, Spanish, Tsonga, German and Zulu, at VEGA in Copenhagen on the same stage as Eurovision winners from 39 countries.
*It all happened by chance. Colé was pushed by her friend’s dad to enter a singing competition with her friend, Antoinette Ridge, who wasn’t allowed to enter unless Colé enters as well. She entered to support her friend, but the adventure of touring and seeing South Africa by singing at festivals and events, is what motivated Colé to take the opportunity of joining the KTV roadshow.


Opportunities for other artists:

  1. Independent artists who want to manage their own music distribution can sign up at this link to get free music distribution to most of the major online platforms.
  2. Colé coaches aspiring singers
  3. Songwriting services

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