I’m very happy to have won the award for Best International collaboration album for ‘Colé & friends’. The first South African independent music awards was held at Platteland in Centurion (South Africa) on 28 April 2021, where various independent artists got awarded for their contribution to the music industry. The most prestigious award went to singer, Rea Le Roux for her generous contribution to the the music industry as the founder of the Independent music awards.

Colé van dais received an award for her album, Colé & friends. This multi-lingual collaboration album features artists from different countries around the world who sing in other languages including the exotic Afrikaans, Zulu, Tsonga, Russian, Spanish, Latvian, German and English, recorded with exciting artists such as Katrina Leskanich (X Katrina & the Waves), Organ Prawang, Wendy Oldfiend, and Emmanual Castis, to name a few. “I enjoyed working on this fun project although it took quite long to complete as I worked with many artists from different countries who have their own time schedules and projects. It took a lot of patience and perseverance so I’m very happy that this album has received the level of appreciation. It is always great working with the best producers. Thank you to Rick Wolff (APS Studios) and Calie Henn (Rainbow Productions) and thank you to all the lovely artist around the world who said yes to participating in this project, and gave up their time to make this unique vision possible.

Thank you to all the organiser and sponsors of the event, as well as the press, media, artists, fans, supporters, family, friends, producers, musicians, songwriters, and the judges who voted for my album. A special thanks to my good friend, Roy van der Merwe, who is always inspiring me to reach new heights and complete my projects and believe in myself.