Katrina Leskanich (Katrina & The Waves) and Colé van dais release unique version of  ‘Love Shine A Light’

article by Ian Fowell (ESCcovers UK)

Love shine a light
Love shine a light

In 1997 Katrina & The Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest for United Kingdom with Love Shine A Light. Now in 2016 Katrina Leskanich and the talented Colé van dais from South Africa have recorded a unique and charming version of the song.

How did this collaboration come about? Colé explains “Katrina won Eurovision in 1997 with ‘Love Shine A Light’. I still remember when it won, my sister’s boyfriend who was from UK, bought the CD and played it to me. I loved it instantly! The CD came with an instrumental version, so I could learn and sing the song too which I loved as the words are so beautiful. Never would I have thought that one day I will record this song, WITH KATRINA!! This for me, is a dream come true. I met Katrina last year at a festival in South Africa where both of us performed, and even though there were many famous artists, I knew she was the one I wanted to ask to record a song with, not only because she has a stunning voice, AND had won Eurovision, which is a one of the greatest achievements for any artist, but her soul shines through her voice and one can really feel the emotion in the words she sings. As I’m from South Africa, I decided to use my local influence by doing an African version of the song. We are also joined by the Sarafina choir from Soweto as the backing choir. I’m very excited about this version of ‘Love shine a light’ and am looking forward to being part of spreading love through music in a big way, with this wonderful song, hopefully now reaching an even wider audience than ever before”.

Katrina will be a special guest at the 2016 United Kingdom national selection show – Eurovision: You Decide on 26 February at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town, London.

Colé van dais is a successful recording artist from South Africa and she has performed solo, and with a band, in many live events including corporate functions, casinos, festivals, theatres, schools, hotels and lots of other venues. She has shared the stage with popular artists such as the Village People, Julian Marley, George Harrison from the Beatles, Peter Strycher (ex partner of Freddie Mercury), Conchita Wurst (2014 ESC Austria winner) and Basim (2014 ESC Denmark). You can read more about Colé at her official website http://colevandais.com/

The new version of Love Shine A Light by Katrina Leskanich & Colé van dais feat. Sarafina Choir can be purchased at Colé’s official website from 29 February http://colevandais.com/ms_song/love-shine-a-light-katrina-leskanich-cole-van-dais/ The song will also be available on most digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon from 15 March.

Source: www.esccovers.com