Colé van dais (South Africa) and Gebenga Adenuga (Nigeria) wins BEST INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION song awarded by Voices for Charity. MOLAYO is sung in Afrikaans and Yoruba and means ‘I have joy’ which the artists believe is an important message to share, especially with their supporters in Africa. Colé and Gbenga met at APS Studios in Bryanston where Gbenga (a famous Nigerian singer and pastor) was recording an anti-women-abuse song to be released in Nigeria for his campaign. Colé was introduced by music producer, Rick Wolf (The White Planes) and asked to sing some vocals on Gbenga’s campaign song; and then he would collaborate on another song with Colé that they would enter into the Voices for Charity contest. Gbenga wrote lyrics for his part in Yoruba and Colé in Afrikaans. They were very happy to have been awarded Best International Collaboration in 2015 at an event held in Pretoria, South Africa.