Heartless became the official anti-rhino poaching song around schools in South Africa when Colé went on a mission to share her real life experience when she encountered dangerous poachers after discovering the horrific scene of a mother and baby rhino brutally murdered on their farm in Limpopo, South Africa in 2014. Colé, who has been a vegan for over 30 years, is a fearless animal rights activist, and she was so upset about the incident, and the way this crime had been intelligently orchestrated by a syndicate of criminals with authorities involved in removing her and her partner  from the farm (so that poaching could proceed), that she wrote this song immediately after discovering the brutally murdered animals. She started an awareness campaign to share the l story of what had happened to them when the farm was invaded, they were removed and false charges were laid against her partner to keep him away from the poaching event over a long weekend. He was completely unaware of the real intention of them keeping him in a cel until he had returned to the farm the Sunday afternoon and seen all the damage that had been done. After he had discovered the poached rhinos Dr. Ward was extremely sad, because he has always looked after his animals very well and never thought this could happen to him. Colé continued with her anti-rhino poaching campaigns for months but eventually got threatened with her life if she did not stop the campaigns sharing the truth.

This song will live on to share the awareness of this brutal killing of Champion, Bubbles and other innocent rhinos in the wild in South Africa and Africa, including white and black rhinoceros, lions, elephant, cheetahs, and other wild animals that are growing close to extinction.

Thank you to the Lion and Rhino park for allowing us to film at your location

Heartless (anti-rhino poaching song)

Singer: Colé van dais

Songwriter: Colé van dais

Producer: Calie Henn and Rick Wolf

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