Cole van dais - singer/songwriter
Cole van dais - live performance
Cole van dais - original and cover recording artist

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Heartless (anti rhino poaching song)

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Daai tipe meisie

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South African singer/songwriter, presenter, voice over artist and actor, Colé van dais is a popular, vibrant performer, with a versatile, unique sounding, powerful and expressive voice as an independent vocalist. With years of experience performing locally and internationally, solo and as lead in bands and musical productions, Colé has toured extensively and has experience in entertaining audiences of all ages and cultures.

She has a wide repertoire of songs and sings both chart covers, from oldies to current hits; Tribute shows such as ABBA, James Bond, Madonna and 80s show; and original English and Afrikaans music with many self penned songs. Colé sings in a variety of genres, from laid back ballads and world music to pop, rock, soul and some upbeat dance tracks and has CDs available to buy at shows and even more songs to download from iTunes and her website.

With her friendly and expressive personality Colé is well known for her magnificent stage presence and rapport with her audience. Colé entertains her audience by taking them on an emotional journey through song sharing feelings from sadness and sorrow, to happiness and joy! She not only connects with her audience but makes them feel connected to each other by communicating effectively, letting the audience participate at some point in the show, and giving them the freedom to express themselves through dance and singalong, or just relax if they wish, but either way, she will make sure they have a great time!